Tax Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Tax terminology and jargon:



AAATPAmerican Academy of Accounting Tax Professionals
AATPAmerican Academy Of Tax Practice
ABSTAntigua and Barbuda Sales Tax
ABSTAntigua Barbuda Sales Tax
ACAUTAgainst Corruption And Unabated Taxation
ACAUTAction Committee Against Unabated Taxation
ACITAssistant Commissioner of Income Tax
ACITAdditional Commissioner of Income Tax
ACTCAmerican College of Tax Counsel
ACTFAmerican - China Trade Friction
ACTLAmsterdam Centre for Tax Law
ADITAdvanced Diploma in International Taxation
ADITAdvanced Diploma in International Tax
ADITAccumulated Deferred Income Taxes
AETAccumulated Earnings Tax
AFFTAmericans For Fair Taxation
AFTCAlternative Fuel Tax Credit
AFTRAnnual Federal Tax Refresher
AFTRAnnual Filing Tax Refresher
AFTRAutomated Fuel Tax Reporting
AHTCAffordable Housing Tax Credits
AITAll Included Taxes
AITApplication of Internal Taxes
AITAAbsolute Integration of Tax Accounting
AITDAngel Investors Tax Deduction