Sports Acronyms

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Sports terminology and jargon:



#24Twenty forth
10TFirst OverTime period
1NTBridge bid to take 7 tricks, No Trump (not an acronym)
2EZ4RTZtoo easy for RTZ(one of dota2 top players)
2NTBridge bid to take 8 tricks, No Trump
3LK3Live Kru
3NTBridge bid to take 9 tricks, No Trump
3XFThree sets to Failure
4NTBridge bid to take 10 tricks, No Trump
50M50 Meters
5kO5 Kilometer run and Obstacle course combo
5NTBridge bid to take 11 tricks, No Trump
6NTBridge bid to take 12 tricks, No Trump
7NTBridge bid to take 13 tricks, No Trump
9GNinth Generation
AAAncient Anguish
AAAverage Attendance
AAAll Around
AAAll American
AAAAverage Amateur Attempt
AAESSAustralian Association for Exercise and Sports Science
AAGPApproved Adoption Group Program