Unit Measures Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Unit Measures terminology and jargon:



-(2)-(Squared) or measurement-(squared)
-(3)-(Cubed), or "measurement"-(cubed) or cubic measurement
/HRPer hour, unit rate, 26miles/hr[HR] = you would travel 26 miles every hour you traveled
/MINPer Minute
/MSECPer Millisecond
/SPer Second
/SRPer Steridian
/YRPer Year
0PPSZero Pixels Per Second
12°duodecimo (page size)
14H00French notation to indicate 14 hours past midnight (the same as 2.00 pm). It does not mean 1,400.
16°sestodecimo (page size)
18G18 gauge
18LEighteen liter capacity
1GOne Gradian
1KBOne Kilobyte
1RAD1 Radian
1TBOne Tera Byte
252Quarter measurement of a kilogram
2KBTwo Kilobyte

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