Assembly Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Assembly terminology and jargon:



!WXTThe FLOAT device-independent X coordinate of the right edge of the plot window
!WYBFLOAT device-independent Y coordinate of the bottom of the plot window
!WZTFLOAT device-independent Z coordinate of the top edge of the 3D plot window
.NL.Not Less Than
1GLFirst Generation Language (Machine Language)
2GLSecond Generation Language (Assembly Language)
3GLThird Generation Language
4GLFourth Generation Language
AAAcquired Attributes
AAAASCII Adjust after Addition
AAAAAcademics Activities Assembly Advisory
AACATKAssembly Area Counter Attacking Force (NATO)
AADASCII Adjust before Division
AADAlter All Data
AADASCII Adjust for Division
AAMASCII Adjust after Multiply
AAOAdd And Overflow
AASASCII Adjust after Subtraction
AASCAssembly of Agency Staff Committees
AASDAAsante Akyem South District Assembly
ABAlways Blur
ABPAAir Booster Pump Assembly
ABULAssembly of Bargaining Unit Leaders
ABWArray Bounds Write