What does VSMT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand VSMT:



Veterinary Spinal Manipulation TherapyVeterinary
Vernier Structure and Materials TesterUnclassified
Vernier Structures Materials TesterUnclassified
Veterinary Spinal Manipulative TherapistVeterinary
Veterinary Spinal Manipulative TherapyTherapy
Villanova Student Musical TheaterTheater
Villanova Student Musical TheatreStudents
Virtual Server Management ToolManagement
Virtual Server Migration ToolKitUnclassified
Virtual Simultaneous Multi ThreadingUnclassified
Vater Stickmate TambourineProducts
Vic's School of Musical TheatreSchools
Virtual Machine Servicing ToolComputing
Vishvavidya School of Management and TechnologyUniversities

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