Electric PIP or epip2016.org is an informational website to help people know the future of the automobile industry, particularly bikes and cars.

The automobile industry is transforming at a rapid pace with innovation in Artificial Intelligence, design, high-end technology, and engineering.

With the rise of demands of driverless cars and electric vehicles, the world is heading towards the next-gen automobile era.

Seeing the demand and the interest of people, we at ePIP2016.org bring readers with all the information they wanted to have from this evolving auto industry.

We have named our website inspired by this and ePIP stands for Electric PIP. Here PIP is nothing but representing the horn of a vehicle. PIP!….PIP!… 🔊

So, the “ePIP2016.org” is nothing but “The sound of an electric ride”, the tagline of our website. 2016 represents the lucky year (number) of the admin of this website.

It is great fun when you put your hard work and heart together. There is nothing wrong with believing in luck because at the end of the day it motivates you to put your heart into your work.

I hope you will like the information shared on this website. Have query? Contact Us.