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8 Best Rad power bike accessories you must have in 2022

8 Best Rad power bike accessories

If you are a rad ebike owner, then you must have these important rad power bike accessories.

For your convenience, I have listed down the 8 most important rad power bike accessories from different categories. This will help you figure out the best fit for your need.

These accessories will not just help you upgrade your bike but add charm to your ride. An accessory like a helmet is not just for style but is important stuff for your safety.

So, why wait! Choose what best fit your requirements or gift your dear ones these rad power ebike accessories.

Without further ado, let get started with the list of Rad power bike accessories you must have.

8 most important accessories for Rad power bike

Once, you have gone through the Rad power bike accessories list. Now, let me show you the best option available from each category mentioned above.

It will be a little unfair to just show you the list without providing you with all the best options available in the market.

The best thing is that you don’t have to visit any store, you can get these rad power ebike accessories from the company’s official website.

I tried my best to bring you the best of the best options available online to ease your search and suit your pocket.

Having said that, here are the details of the rad power bike accessories.

List of Rad power bike accessories available to buy

1. Helmets: Must have Rad power bike accessories

As I have mentioned, helmets are not just for style but are very important for your safety. This is why I have listed it at the top of the list.

There are several options available for Helmets by Rad Power bikes but I have picked the best two options for you.

So, here are the best helmets by Rad power bike:

1. Bern Allston Helmet: The is one of the best available options because I found it best value for money. This is reasonably priced based on the features it has. It means, it is a great fit for mass rad riders.

Image credit: Rad power official website

Important features:

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2. Bern Hudson Helmet: This is another great stuff by Rad power bike. It may be a little costlier compared to other Rad’s helmets. But it is a total worth of money if you see its added features.

Image credit: Rad power official website

Important features:

I hope you loved the two Rad’s helmets mentioned above. Now, let me take you to the second important accessory you must have if you have a rad ebike.

2. Baskets by Rad power bike

Baskets come in handy if you want to carry a load while you commute on your bike. Therefore having one mounted on your bike can help you carry your essentials effectively.

Baskets become even more important for those who are into some kind of delivery business or need to carry some weight often.

Keeping in mind your need to carry some weight with ease here is one of the best baskets by Rad power bike

Front-Mounted Basket: As in the name, this basket can be mounted on the from of your Rad’s bike. This basket comes in black color which can suit any color of Rad’s electric bike.

Important features:

3. Repair tool kit (Must have Rad power bike accessories )

Image credit: Rad power official website

You can add more age to your bike if you know how to maintain it. Therefore it is necessary to get some accessories that will help you maintain your rad ebike.

One of these maintenance accessories is Rad power bike Repair Tool Kit.

If you have a rad power repair kit, it is easy for you to repair the damaged parts or for further maintenance of your bike.

Here are the details of Rad’s repair kit

The kit includes a total of 8 important repair tools namely:

  1. 10 Zip Ties (6″)
  2. Multi-tool
  3. 18 mm Wrench
  4. 8 / 10 mm wrench
  5. Glueless Patch Kit (4 patches)
  6. Brake Inner Pad Adjustment Tool
  7. 3 Tire Levers
  8. Flat-side Cutters

You not only get these tools in the kit but also get a pouch to store these items safely that can be mounted on your ebike.

4. Racks by Rad ebike

Racks are as important as baskets for riders who carry extra weight while they commute.

While going through several racks for Rad bike’s I found a rack that is reasonably priced and works best with the latest Rad’ electric bikes.

The model I am talking about is “RadMini Rear Rack”. Have a look at the product details.

Image credit: Rad power official website

RadMini Rear Rack: This multipurpose load carrier can be used for different purposes including carrying gear, saddlebag, and all other extra weight you want to carry.

Here are some of its features:

5. Mirror by Rad electric bike

Mirror adds an extra layer to your road safety. So, if your ebike is missing these important safety features, you are compromising your road safety.

This is why I listed Rad’s mirror to be a must-have accessory for the Rad power bike. Thankfully the company has this accessory if you are ebike is missing or needs a replacement of your mirror.

Here is the one that I got for your Rad’s bike and this is called “Rad Mirror”.

Image credit: Rad power official website

“Rad Mirror” features:

Important note: Not compatible with 2021 RadRover 6 Plus or RadRover 6 Plus Step-Thru ebikes

6. Phone Mount by Rad

A phone mount is must have Rad’s accessory, particularly when you are riding to an entirely new destination.

At the time of the internet and technology, if your ebike is missing out on this important accessory, your ebike may look outdated.

This is not just about bike enhancement but is very crucial for someone who often loves taking their bike to new challenging paths and destinations.

At least, you will save time on asking people for directions if your ebike guides you with a map mounted at the front.

Not only does the phone mount helps you with the map but is a great way to shoot your ride. The phone mount can help you shoot a video for you which you can later edit and trim using a video editor.

Are you confused about selecting the best phone mount?

Do not worry, here is a Rad’s phone mount for you.

Image credit: Rad power official website

GUB PRO-3 Phone Mount: Gub pro-3 safely mount your phone at the front of your Rad’s bike handler. So that you do need to take out mobile every time you need suggestions from your phone’s map, ensuring a hassle-free safe ride.

Here are some of the features of Phone mount by Rad’s bike:

Important note: Not compatible with 2021 RadRover 6 Plus and RadRover 6 Plus Step-Thru ebikes

7. USB Charger for Rad’s ebike

A USB charger is a must for anyone who needs to charge their device frequently. This accessory is even more important if you are out for a long ride.

USB chargers can relieve the pain of charging your gadgets and reduce your fear of mobile discharge while on a long ride.

Think of you forgetting to charge your mobile and running out of battery and needs to use your mobile map urgently.

A USB charger backup can bring life to your mobile and at the same time a big relief to your mind.

So here is that pill for you and your bike.

USB charger for Rad ebike:

8. Water Bottles for Rad’s electric bike

Here is the last but not the least must-have Rad electric bike accessories you need to have. This is nothing but a water bottle for your bike.

I do not think this accessory needs any discussion for its usage.

And, I know you already know how important is to keep a water bottle if you are riding a bike, let it be for fitness, commuting, or for any purpose ride.

You need to have a bottle with you to ensure you are not running out of water.

Here is the one I got for you which is very affordable and looks stylish with Rad’s branding on it.

Have a look!

Image credit: Rad power official website

Rad’s power bike “water bottle”: This white well-designed water bottle looks stunning with an orange brand’s logo on it. You can fill this bottle with 22 ounces of water and mount it at the front handle or frame of your bike.

Here are some of the features of Rad’s water bottle:

Note: The water bottle holder is not included in the pack and needs to be purchased separately.

Rad power bike accessories: Suggestions and official website

I am sure you loved all the items listed above that will help upgrade your bike and at the same time add charm to your ride.

If you think I should include some more important Rad power bike accessories in this list let me know in the comment or drop me a message.

If you need more details on Rad power bike accessories, feel free to visit the official website of Rad ebike.

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